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Urban Metabolism and Minority Pulse Campaign

Location: Milan and Mantova, Italy

The Urban Metabolism and Minority Pulse Campaign -7 tailor-based educational toolkits were developed for underrepresented populations on the topics of climate adaptation, urban metabolism, civic engagement, sustainability, and climate change using citizen science methods.

At the Metabolism of Cities Living Lab our mission is to help cities localize the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and make sure no one is left behind with the goal of eliminating poverty in all its forms, ending discrimination and exclusion, and reducing the inequalities and vulnerabilities that leave people behind. The Urban Metabolism and Minority Pulse Campaign developed 7 step-by-step tailored-based educational toolkits for the cities of Milan and Mantova in Italy targeting children, elderly, people with disabilities, women, students, academics, LGBTQIA+ community, homeless, and refugees to develop awareness on the UN SDGs, climate change, urban metabolism, and morphology approaches used towards building low-carbon, resilient, and resource efficient cities using citizen science activities. The campaign facilitates awareness on resource management, community engagement, city planning, and environmental design as well as targeting the unheard voices of society through storytelling, knowledge exchange, and best practices between municipal governments, educational institutions, and community-based organizations.


Dr. Gabriela Fernandez (Metabolism of Cities Living Lab), Sharon Gill (United Nations Environmental Program, Global Initiative for Resource Efficient Cities, France), Politecnico di Milano, Social Innovation Teams (Carol Maione, Italy)