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Metabolism of Cities Living Lab SDSU 4 SDGs Leave No One Behind Exhibition

Date: February 21, 2023 at 12:30 pm | Location: San Diego State University Library, San Diego, CA

The exhibit consists of two parts: Metabolism of Cities Living Lab SDSU 4 SDGs “Leave No One Behind ” Exhibition & Libraries and Sustainability: Working Toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the SDSU Library.

The Metabolism of Cities Living Lab – SDSU 4 SDGs – Leave No One Behind Exhibition provides attendees a physical and virtual educational experience to emerge into the global sphere of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDSU Library hosted San Diego-Imperial County’s first, SDG Exhibition. Combining sustainability and creativity, the exhibition pushes to raise awareness and global action towards the 17 UN SDGs .

Showcasing a collection of the Metabolism of Cities Living Lab’s (MOC-LLAB) activities from amazing and diverse faculty, artists, students, and international collaborators from around the world. The exhibition is intended for families, students, businesses, and everyone in society to learn about the SDGs and hear more about what they can do to action the goals.

Since 2019, the MOC-LLAB is housed under the Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age (HDMA) in the Department of Geography, College of Arts and Letters at San Diego State University pushing to localize the SDGs in southern CA, Mexico Baja region, and beyond.

The Beyond Borders: Digital (inspired TED-Talks) Story-telling Talks Series, Suscitatio Terminus (Latin) “Awakening Border” art mural is inspired by the UN Global Goals and the US-Mexico international border’s social, environmental, and economic challenges/opportunities in San Diego County and Imperial County, CA.

At MOC-LLAB we intend to keep our promise by making sure no one is left behind that is why our exhibition is entirely in the English and Spanish languages.  We have partnered with SDSU Instructional Technology Services to make our exhibition inclusive, accessible, and offered virtually. 


San Diego State University Library, College of Arts and Letters, and Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age


Moderator: Dr. Scott Walter (Dean, SDSU Library)

Dr. Adela de la Torre (President, SDSU)

Dr. Hector Salvador Ochoa (Provost, SDSU)

Dr. Scott Walter (Dean, SDSU Library)

Sarah Tribelhorn (Natural Sciences Librarian, SDSU Library)

Dr. Rhonda Schreiber (Interim Dean, College of Arts and Letters, SDSU)

Dr. Gabriela Fernandez (Director, Metabolism of Cities Living Lab, HDMA, Geography, BDA, SDSU)

Mural Artist(s): Gabi Zaballa (Designer) & Karenina Zaballa (content & story-telling) & Dr. Gabriela Fernandez (content & story-telling) – ‘Beyond Borders: Digital Talks Series, & Suscitatio Terminus (Latin)  “Awakening Border” Mural

Noah (International Affairs, SDSU) SDSU-UABC MOU on SDGs

Dr. José Francisco Gómez Mc Donough (Director, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Politicas), Autonomous University of Baja California) SDSU-UABC MOU on SDGs

Moderator: Dr. Scott Walter (Dean, SDSU Library) Closing Remarks

**Ribbon Cutting Ceremony**


Exhibit Director & Curator: Dr. Gabriela Fernandez (Director, MOC-LLAB, UN MGCY, Geography, & BDA, SDSU)

Researcher(s): Dr. Gabriela Fernandez, Carol Maione (MOC-LLAB, UN MGCY, & Politecnico di Milano), & Dr. Domenico Vito (MOC-LLAB, UN MGCY, & Hubzine Italia)

Graphic Designer: Dania Mukahhal (SDSU Library) | Installation: Scantech Graphics Inc.

Sponsor(s): Dr. Scott Walter (Dean, SDSU Library), Patrick McCarthy (Associate Dean, SDSU Library), Dr. Monica Casper (Dean, College of Arts &  Letters), and Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou (Director, Center for Human Dynamics in the Mobile Age, SDSU).

Mural Artist(s): Gabi Zaballa (Designer), Karenina Zaballa (Content & Story-telling) & Dr. Gabriela Fernandez (Content & Story-telling).

Virtual Matterport Exhibition: Aurora Velasco (Assistant Dean, Instructional Technology Services) and Thai Nguyen (Faculty Support Specialist, Instructional Technology Services).

MOC-LLAB & BDA Student(s): Harmit Chima, Karenina Zaballa, Harrison Yang, Dustin Harrison, Nasser Mohieddin, Layth Zubaidi, Yudan Wang, Andrick Mercado, Thomas Derig, Kruttika Bhagwat, Bita Etaati, & Claire Merson.

Special Thanks: Sarah Tribelhorn (SDSU Library), Rebecca Williamson (SDSU Library), Dr. Fernando Bosco (CAL), Dr. Alma Beatriz Navarro (UABC), Dr. William Twayigize (GPS, SDSU), Dr. Ronnee Schreiber (CAL), Leslie Reilly (CAL), Adriel Yepiz, Jennifer Saber, Sofia Barczynski, Gabriel, Daniel, & Ashley Fernandez, Jimmy Alexander, Karen Eckard, Mila & Ella, Bradley Petersen, Sarah & Harold Olivo, Dr. Mercy Hwong Nai-Ching, Palmira Ledbetter, Dr. Lida Tereshenko, Sandy Cajigas, Mido Hamed, Kamran Monadi, Dr. Kamran Khan, Norbert Bonnici, Dr. Jarai Carter, Gloria Morichi, Lucas B., Dr. Umair Khalique, Sogol Sadr et al.