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I’m Home, San Diego. Providing Access to Downtown San Diego’s Local Economy

Location: Downtown San Diego, California

The “I’m Home, San Diego” project aims to reinforce current resources for low-income people suffering from mental health and homelessness in downtown San Diego through an easy-to-navigate point-based reward system.

A new key tool under the “I’m Home, Diego” platform is “Funds Diego,” a point-based reward system that provides vouchers in exchange for services and goods to users who participate in recycling and/or city-wide cleanup projects. A proposed surveys will be conducted prior to the implementation of “Funds Diego” to assess main resources being requested by users. The project aims to provide shower buses that offer users the opportunity for proper sanitation. The project developed an interactive dashboard using the ArcGIS tool to spatially analyze where homeless people congregate in downtown San Diego and understand the shift of homeless clustering before and after COVID. Additionally, the dashboard provides information on spatial analysis to show current access points for sanitation facilities, (public restrooms, porta-potties, and handwashing stations) trash bins, and provide hot spot maps with current land use designations, low-income housing, homeless shelters, dispersed resources, locations for recycle/refuse exchange points, and participating businesses in “Funds Diego.”

Claire Merson is a Master of Science in Big Data Analytics Student in the Department of Geography, College of Arts and Letters at San Diego State University in San Diego, California.




Dr. Gabriela Fernandez
Graduate Course
Smart Cities and Sustainability. Data Science Methods for Smart City Applications
Master of Science in Big Data Analytics Program,
Department of Geography, College of Arts and Letters, San Diego State University, San Diego, California, Spring 2022
Schedule Number #20470