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Track IT Covid-19 International Survey: Societal effects and perceptions

This study provides data from a large-scale survey covering societal effects and perceptions during the Covid-19 pandemic across geographies. The study aims to expand public knowledge and awareness on the effects of Covid on social behaviors, policy measures/regulations, well-being, government trust, health, technology, and others.

Medical worker performing drive-thru COVID-19 check,taking nasal swab specimen sample from female patient through car window,PCR diagnostic for Coronavirus presence,doctor in PPE holding test kit

The data is collected via snowball sampling from April 2020 to April 2021 using the ArcGIS Survey 123 tool. The survey collected data from 351 participants of 35 countries from around the world. The Track IT Covid-19 International Survey initiative was built by researchers at the Metabolism of Cities Living Lab. The survey aims to provide a snapshot of how people across the world experience the crisis caused by the pandemic. The survey is meant to educate public health organizations, decision makers, and the public to address policies related to Covid during the different policy phases and wave measures. The survey questions collected data on socioeconomics, education, re-location, essential behaviors, physical and social distancing behaviors, health, exposure, symptoms, pre-existing illnesses, government attitudes/trust, social distance measures, emergency response measures, vaccine attitudes, public transit, current events, technology, psychological behaviors, and mental well-being behaviors (77 questions total). SDSU IRB Code of Federal Regulations 45 CFR 46.104; protocol number HS-2020-0123.


Dr. Gabriela Fernandez (Metabolism of Cities Living Lab, USA), Carol Maione (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Karenina Zaballa (MS Big Data Analytics and Metabolism of Cities Living Lab, USA), Harrison Yang (MS Big Data Analytics and Metabolism of Cities Living Lab, USA), Norbert Bonnici (Malta Critical Infrastructure Protection Directorate, Malta), Dr. Jarai Carter (Columbia University and Smart Lab at Procter & Gamble, USA), Dr. Shraddha S. Ghodke (University of College London, UK), and Dr. Ming Hsiang Tsou (Metabolism of Cities Living Lab, USA). Special thanks to Crowdfight Covid-19 for making this possible.


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