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CLIMATHON. From Trash to Treasure: El Astillero, Nicaragua

Date: October 30-31, 2021 | Location: El Astillero, Nicaragua

CLIMATHON: From Trash to Treasure, The Case Study of El Astillero, Nicaragua.

Climathon 2021- European Union, EIT Climate KIC, Metabolism of Cities Living Lab, Hubzine Italia.

PRESENTATION: “Environmental education and its implications on marine pollution management.”

Metabolism of Cities Living Lab hosted a Climathon event for the city of El Astillero, Nicaragua on the topic of waste management and water pollution alongside Casa Congo, ClimateKIC and others. The theme was called From trash to treasure: turning waste into useful raw materials.

The Climathon event held 5 challenges: 1) data and monitoring 2) education and children, 3) arts and humanities 4) technology, and 5) industry, tourism, and management.


Fernandez Gabriela, Maione Carol, Vito Domenico et al.,

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