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Health, Well-Being, and Demography

Streetwise San Diego

San Diego is in the top 5 cities with the largest homeless populations in California. The community in downtown San Diego specifically is struggling with drastic increased numbers and feels they are lacking the proper resources and services necessary. “Streetwise San Diego” aims to advocate for the needs of the homeless community of downtown San Diego by giving them a literal voice through interviews.

CLIMATHON. From Trash to Treasure: El Astillero, Nicaragua

The Metabolism of Cities Living Lab hosted a Climathon event for the city of El Astillero, Nicaragua on the topic of waste management and water pollution alongside the European Union, EIT Climate KIC, Hubzine Italia, Ilvespaio, Casa Congo and more. The theme was called From trash to treasure: turning waste into useful raw materials. The Climathon event held 5 challenges: 1) data and monitoring 2) education and children, 3) arts and humanities 4) technology, and 5) industry, tourism, and management.

International One Health Conference

The Metabolism of Cities Living Lab researchers organized the International One Health Conference – Urban Resilience: Strategies for a post-pandemic vision for cities, alongside the Politecnico di Milano, Resilience Lab in Milan, Italy.